What is Google Cloud Platform

In this article I am going to example you what is Google Cloud or Google cloud platform So let me tell you this is   same thing  there is no difference between in this two names  so let me tell you what is Gcp Cloud API Gcp is a provider of resources cloud computing Developing computing deploying & operating system 

But in my case I like compute engine option in Google cloud platform because I have to create rdp Remote desktop of service and VPS server through the one of the best experience I had with Google Cloud  if you want to run any application in Cloud you can easily done and the system is so easy

what is google cloud

 there are many cloud platform in the market as like digital ocean Microsoft Azure as well  Amazon a w s  platform for good but in my case I really like Google because compared to other platform IC Google have cheap and very easy setup process one main thing is trust 

If you want to run hosting in Google cloud platform you can do also Google offer $300 free cloud trial for the every new user If you want to experience with this platform you can easily access with your credit card debit card just sign up with your free trial and you will get $300 for 3 month

 after that if you like their service you can continue eather  you can discontinue it’s depend on you  so if you want to continue is just to pay the bill  after $300 spend


This is a online storage where you can store data Service combine and Optimising performance Scalability Please come with advanced security and sharing capabilities Storage come with SSD Just like other physical PC but this is virtual SSd card Where you can store your data totally safe

cloud platform used for

Gcp platform Technologies how over 90 Technology information A k a product which it business professional developer 

advantages of GCP
  • Cheap pricing compared to competitor
  • Great performance
  • Global fibre network 
  • Awesome backup options
  •  easy to use
  • $300 free credit
Can we create g Cloud account without credit card?

If you want to experience cloud platform then you really need Account but how you can Don’t worry I will help you If you want to create Google Cloud for free  I will tell you how to get $300 free Google platform credit  if you’re thinking that you will get this

without credit card then you are wrong sorry my friend  you need a credit card even the $1 balance if you have it does it matter you can’t go and sign up with cloud and you will get $300 instantly But make sure to sign up with a valid credit card virtual credit card are not allowed to sign up with also read How To Download Instagram Vidoe

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