what is blogging what are its advantages and disadvantages

Hey what’s going on guys man is an itinerary with create and I am the founder and CEO of 26 figure blog boat by a decrease plan and create.com today talking about all about what is blogging and how to what is different in block and a website I think if you are new blogging I will find this information very interesting so little live update from US and I just got back from leaving a month out portable and your living in Lisbon and it was absolutely still wear out .

what is blogging

there with a group called the Wi-Fi trip there are a group of Seoul living SEO working tracking ki or having fun entrepreneurs the find out through points to get a and visit different places around the world itself was absolutely subtitle it just war so beautiful 

and I am I show you guys some clips adjust the segment specially in the pictures were just amazing had everything from the blue green to the white sand beaches so today we are going to talk about how I started blogging in thisĀ 

blog examples

 is a origin What is a blog the word web and law blog is exist that a block is the blog in one of the top Idea experience and one more all in one place in the words you totally seen them around but what makes them so great while blocks are easy to use and a fitted within few clicks you can set talks opinion you need anything Sach health related blog is a staple of 

who are the one ultimate experience of you want to backup your blog theme is what control your blog looks Kanchana 2 theme and personalize with your own colour and all background image to find the look that fit you it’s easy to change the theme as well so you always be sure that their looks and with your personality and make it easy for visitor and find looking for most important than the blogging sidebar and footer and bottom body HTML you can write 

high quality article for your visitors so they keep coming to your website up-to-date make sure to update your 4th daily so the visitor get great content and make sure to create menu bar for visitor easy-to-use website they may find enough space to your website to the visitor time easily access your website and its main should be as a separate friendly so you can place and make some money from blogging

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