How to Invest in Stock Market beginners guide

hello welcome to other post today in this airtcel is called how to invest in stocks for beginners if you guys are not been unwilling or invest in starting this is not the post will get this is for people who have no clue who are no idea was just enter the stock market Eastern 18 or your going to turn a lean and you know what I want to invest in stocks what are different section procedure this airtcel is for you can I think this is only for basic as if you’re giving importance of people who are not change with over 40 subscribers for what ok I am happy\

Invest in Stocks Have a demat Account?

 on What is obviously to open a demat account OK what is Demat account and trading stock broker broker start reading through the broker and all your shares ho to NSDL and cdsl where everything is here and after that ok so now account with zero AMC charges topi every your account maintenance charges that has gone Agar keep going annually to grow at zero account maintenance charges and also add very low brokerage fees as well and you can choose any other content will not necessary because this is in the air

2080 I can save 10% of India can save 20% really a good investment should save anywhere between 10 to 20% Bigg Boss 3 today budget as every month I don’t care about what is the percentage every month 10% 15% 20% I will sit and I will in this ok before you invest the subordinate to do ok depending on that ok now now

Investment journey

Rate so it is very important to first align your goals understand why I am investing because that investment goal will determine your investment time period or so ok if I want to go and buy a house in to invest for at least 10 15 years I want to buy a very expensive car up against a for 10-15 years if you wanna spend my parents for a beautiful International trip and the budget is Meri 15 or 20 lakh then after starting from today and it would take me 10 to 15 years for me

 the save just ensure that my parents were nice beautiful International trip ok so after sitting at that time 20% and 40% and salary increases on extra revenue that 20% of their what should be fixed to your home I will be the percentage of basic and then you decide how many years do I want to keep this that what you this until 35 would want to make a discipline 

of saying that you don’t have a feeling that also good good call to happen ok and after that once you understand this once you understand that I think before you even by a particular stock in need to know what is diversification with her portfolio diversification of the saying 

don’t put all your eggs in one basket basket ok don’t put all your eggs in one basket because if you put all your money in stock and for god knows what reason something might happen even for the best of the best of determined by your savings into something really go bad that I know you can’t determine your future of someone else all is good to eat portfolio diversification basically said that 10% 20% investing in stocks for long term stocks

Important diversification is very important OK three things you even before you invest to start this ok don’t short term money in the market today

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